Hi there my name is Hope. uhhh where do I start?

I’m “Hope” and I’m from a small town in South Africa. From a young age I always wanted to travel , unfortunately my parents where always working and so I never got the chance to travel overseas. It was my final year of high school and I was determined to travel… but with no funds #student , that seemed pretty far fetched. 

My cousin Raylee mentioned a  company called ” workabroad” I was pretty excited when I heard this company recruits South Africans to work in Country Clubs in the USA and that they pay for your flights and hook you up with pretty decent accommodation. 

I mentioned this program to my Mother but she thought it was a scam and that they where most probably involved in human trafficking. She didn’t put my hopes down though as I had some faith in this company an decided to apply anyway.

I didn’t want to travel abroad alone as I had never travelled overseas before and so convinced my best friends Bianca and Kay to apply. Bianca was on board and her parents where excited for her to travel and earn some Dollars. Kay had told me her parents weren’t too keen on her going , so I decided to go to her house and convince her parents by showing them past reviews and pictures and after about an hour they where pretty down for her to go.

I was pretty amped that the three of us would be traveling to the States and living+working together. After we applied we had several interviews and had to go for medical tests. After two months of waiting we finally all got a call back saying we had been accepted into ” Water Country Club” and that we must apply for our H2b visas ASAP. 

We were busy with our final exams and to be dead honest I wasn’t focused at all. All I was thinking about was the USA. Our final exam Afrikaans had arrived and before we knew it we where done with high school! I remember everyone leaving the exam room so excited for Rage which is a festival held over a week by the coast for the matrics to celebrate finishing school , its actually such a big event and everyone goes wild. As we where leaving some friends stopped us and asked what day we would be down for Rage and I remember Bianca was pretty chuffed to say we not going as we flying to the USA tomorrow and will be living there for a few months.

The day had come!! nerves hit my stomach as I was pretty nervous to fly. I Packed the rest of my things then head to the Airport where the rest of my family met up with us and a few of my friends. The goodbyes where very hard I wont lie. Everyone had tears in their eyes … and oh how I was going to miss my cousin my like big sister Raylee and my little sister Joy. 

We where in line for our flight ” Workabroad” had given us these blue leather envelopes to carry all our documents in. Kay had noticed a blonde girl in the line with the same envelope and decided to introduce the crew. Her name was monni and she was actually going to be working at the same country club as us. 

We finally got onto the plane boy…. was I nervous , as the plain took off Bianca squeezed my hand and we closed our eyes. My stomach dropped and I felt the G-Force pretty bad… there was a lot of turbulence … I was scared.

to be continued..